Environmental Health

and Safety

Training Courses

Environmental Health and Safety Training Courses

Over 300 internet-based courses compliant with OSHA, EPA, and DOT requirements are offered. Numerous safety course series are offered, including:

General Industry Series

Includes general industry safety courses such as Asbestos Hazard Awareness, Basic Construction Safety, Benzene Awareness, First Aid, Basic Chemical Safety Awareness, Excavation and Trenching, Ladder Safety, Lead Awareness, Basic Respiratory Protection, Basic Scaffold Safety, Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Industrial Operations, etc.

Oil and Gas Safety Series

Includes safety courses tailored for the Oil and Gas Industry such as H2S Safety, Fire Prevention, Personal Protective Equipment, Hot Work / Arc Welding, Hazard Communication, Confined Space Awareness, Fall Protection, Lockout / Tagout, Heat Stress, Cold Stress, Oil Rig Safety, etc.

HazMat Transportation Compliance Series

Includes HazMat courses such as Introduction to Hazardius Materials Transporation, Shipping Papers, Marking and Labeling, Placarding, Packaging, etc.